When do I start?

Rhythmic gymnastics can be practiced at any age if you do not pursue the goal of achieving outstanding results. In order to achieve your best possible results in rhythmic gymnastics you need to start it from an early age (4 – 7 years). Our Centre accepts children from 3 years.

Training Process Age Times per Week Hrs
Level 1: developing gymnastics 3-4 2 1
Level 2: initial stage group 5-6 3 1,5
Level 3: training classes 7-9 4 2 + 1,5 choreography
Level 4: sport trainings 9-12 5 3 + 1,5 choreography
Level 5: improvement 12+ 6 раз 4 + 1 choreography
Health Group any 2 1,5

Do you need to prepare for your classes?

When starting rhythmic gymnastics, both children and adults should be in good health and have no medical contraindications, which are general for physical culture. In order to be admitted at our Centre you will need to submit a resp. doctor's certificate. Safety training process involve strict adherence to your coach’s instructions. We accept children at any level of sport training. There are also various health groups and your child can join a resp. group depending on his level of sport training.

What can rhythmic gymnastics trainings give you?

Rhythmic gymnastics is universal means allowing you to solve many problems of aesthetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual education. Rhythmic gymnastics is also open to adults having no experience in the sport. The focus of such activities can be recreational, educational, etc., as rhythmic gymnastics provides a wide range of influencing means, both comprehensive and selective. There are no age restrictions.