Take part in our master classes and training camps!

Dear Parents!

Irina Viner-Usmanova’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre has opened registration for spring and summer training camps. Your entries can be submitted online(click shifts for details)

Spring 2017:

the shift from 26 March to 01 April

Summer 2017:

1 shift

2 shift

3 shift

4 shift

5 shift

6 shift

7 shift

All Directives, entry forms and payment terms are now available.

We will be happy to welcome all participants in the upcoming summer training camp in 2017 !

For more details please do not hesitate to contact our Administrators:

+7 925 835 12 57    or   fsk-novogorsk@mail.ru  

Participants: gymnasts born in 2011 and older.

1st shift - from 01 June to 10 June

2nd shift - from 14 June to 23 June

3rd shift - from 27 June to 06 July

4th shift - from 10 July to 19 July

5th shift - from 23 July to 01 August

6th shift - from 05 August to 14 August

7th shift - from 18 August to 27 August

The program includes two three-hour training sessions daily, including:

- Choreography

- Apparatus handling

- Professional warm-up & general physical training

- Stretching & flexibility

- Dance classes

- Making-up RG routines and personal trainings are available upon request

The total cost of a training camp (incl. trainings + lunch) is 35000 Rubles. Hotel accommodations are available for extra charge.

We invite you to participate in competitions in our center!

ENTRY FORM       D I R E C T I V E S & O F F I C I A L  I N V I T A T I O N

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