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Dear Parents!
Irina Viner-Usmanova’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre has opened registration for winter training camps. Your entries can be submitted online(click for details):

  Training Camps at Irina Viner-Usmanova’s
Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre

1.     Goals & Objectives 
-       Promotion of international sport exchange on amateur and professional levels
-       Rhythmic gymnasts’ mastery upgrades and progress
-       General and special physical training
-       Healthy lifestyle
-       Mastering and upgrades of R. G. apparatus skills
-       Creativity, unconventional way of thinking, musicality, plasticity and artistry by means of classic and modern choreography
-       Choreography, various dance styles and plasticity to be learned by young gymnasts
-       Selection of talented and promising gymnasts
    2. Venue
Address: 15 Olympiyskaya Str., Novogorsk District, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia 

3.     Coaches (subject to change) 
Elena Nefedova – Hon. Coach of Russia, personal coach of the sisters Olga and Ekaterina Kapranova, International Category Judge of the Russian National Team, UEG RG TC Member 
Yana Arintseva – Hon. Coach of Russia, National Group Coach, Olympic Coach
    Ksenia Dudkina – Hon. Master of Sport, Olympic Champion, Youth Olympic Champion, two-time World and European Champion, three-time Winner of the World Universiade (groups) 
Evgenia Gertzikova – Intl. Master of Sport, two-time European Champion, Medalist of the World Championships, National Category Judge
    Daria Dubova – Intl. Master of Sport, two-time European Champion, Youth Olympic Champion ‘2014, Winner of the World Cup and Grand Prix Events (groups)
    Daria Avtonomova – Intl. Master of Sport, member of Russian National Team, World and European Champion, Winner of the World Universiade
    Daria Anenkova – Intl. Master of Sport, two-time Youth Olympic Champion
    Daria Kleshcheva – Hon. Master of Sport, Winner of the European Games, World Champion in Groups All-around, member of Russian National Team
    Olesya Petrova – Intl. Master of Sport, European Champion in team and apparatus events, Champion of Russia, member of Russian National Team
    Karina Katiukhina – Master of Sport, Winner and Medalist of mult. International and National Events, member of Russian National Team
    Oleg Antonov – Intl. Master of Sport, five-time Champion of Russia in individual and team events, mult. Winner and Medalist of South Moscow Championships
    Dmitry Stepanchikov – graduate of GITIS and L. A. Arts School, Medalist of L. A. World Dance, participant in N. Y. C. Broadway Shows
    Victoria Ilyina – Intl. Master of Sport, Youth Olympic Champion, two times European Champion, Winner of mult. World Cup & Grand Prix Events (groups)
    Ekaterina Ermakova, Choreographer of Irina Viner-Usmanova’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre, Top Level Ballet Artist
    Ekaterina Ivanova, Master of Sport, Winner of Mult. National and International Events, National RG Judge
    Alina Tikhonova, Master of Sport, Winner of Mult. National Events
      4.     Program
    Two 3-hrs training sessions daily:
- Choreography
- Apparatus Handling
- Professional Warm-up, General Physical Training
- Stretching & Flexibility
- Dancing Classes
- Acrobatics
- Optional: Making Up Routines, Individual Trainings

5.     Invited Participants
Gymnasts born in 2012 and older, students of youth sport schools, members of sport clubs, amateur teams, etc., with no medical restrictions that may prevent them from rhythmic gymnastics trainings.
All participants will be divided into age groups and subgroups according to their level (max. 15 gymnasts per group). Each gymnast will be paid much attention, so the total number of participants is limited. Our task is to meet highest standards of training camps!

6.     Participation Terms
All gymnasts must have the following:
-       Birth Certificate
-       Medical / Health / Incident Insurance Policy (copy)
-       Doctor’s Approval for Rhythmic Gymnastics Practice
-       Gymnastic Leotards, Bandages, etc.
-       Rubber, Weights, Rubber Mats, etc.
-       All Resp. Apparatus
-       Music / СD for each routine
-       Contract / Payment of resp. training fees and accommodations
-       Parents’ Passport Copies  
-       The Hotel of Irina Viner-Usmanova’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre, 2nd Level of the Building (for accompanied children only).   
      The number of the hotel rooms is limited (‘first come first served’)!
           Only 120 paid entries incl. accommodation will be accepted!

7.     Costs  

All accommodations, meals, training fees, airfares, local transfers, etc., are to be completely paid by participants:         

                                                                     Room Category      Rubles, Per Room (incl. FB & Trainings)
                                                                          Double Standard, Full Board + Training Fee 1 Adult + 1 Gymnast 116 000
                                                                         Triple Standard, Full Board + Training Fee 2 Adults + 1 Gymnast 143 000
                                                                        Triple Standard, Full Board + Training Fee 1 Adult + 2 Gymnasts 178 000

Training fee per gymnast + lunch = 35 000 Rubles 

The program includes two three-hour training sessions daily, including: 

- Choreography 

- Apparatus handling 

- Professional warm-up & general physical training 

- Stretching & flexibility

 - Dance classes 

- Making-up RG routines and personal trainings are available upon request 

The total cost of a training camp (incl. trainings + lunch) is 35000 Rubles. 

Hotel accommodations are available for extra charge.